Breaking Down Pixar’s Recent Research on De-noising Monte Carlo Renderings by using Filtering Kernels Predicted from CNNs

What are We Talking About

Let’s say you go out in the night with a smartphone camera to take a picture. No matter how hard you try, you notice, in order for the photo to have an appropriate amount of brightness to see all the elements photographed, the camera has to add fuzzy dots all around the image. These fuzzy dots look something like this:

These fuzzy dots are called noise. Most photographers and filmmakers do not like noise unless it is for artistic purposes, because noise means that the quality of the image is not optimized. …

Texturing 3D Objects using Style Transfer and Generative Adversarial Networks


Let us say you give a toddler an outline of shapes from a coloring book, and this is the first time the toddler has ever seen a coloring book. You show the toddler a picture of the image they are supposed to create as well. Let us say the drawing they are supposed to color and the image they are supposed to create are the following:

The Amazon for Businesses

Disclaimer: some of the stories of the post, although they may have been inspired by real life, are exaggerated and modified for the sake of explaining what Ariba is.

When you search “What is the Ariba Network” on Google you get this:

Ariba is the creator and provider of the Ariba Network, a cloud-based B2B marketplace where buyers and suppliers can find each other and do business within a single, networked platform.

All that means is this:

Ariba is Amazon for businesses.

Ok sounds simple enough…except, you’re probably wondering:

Companies can’t. There’s a lot of complicated rules that makes the…

How we connect inner-city, underprivileged Los Angeles high school students to resources at USC long term

The Background

Project Launch is an effort created by the University of Southern California’s student-run hub of entrepreneurship, Spark SC.

We work closely with students at Hybrid High School. These students, from South L.A., don’t have anything resembling a privileged upbringing. Many come from communities that face significant social problems, like gang violence, and 85% of the 2016 graduating class qualifies for free or reduced-price lunch.

Nonetheless, every student who has graduated from Hybrid High has been accepted to a 4 year college or university…

Why I built Team Roots

This story contains information that could seem sensitive. Note, I see this story as nothing but a stage in my growth. I am currently a healthy, happy human being, with a strong work ethic and high expectations, who is pretty proud of how I live my life. Also, most of this was researched and written 2 years ago (2016), so the material may not reflect current trends or my opinions about the best solution. …

A software development club that I used to run at my high school has 30 members. 5 of them are girls. Amongst the five officers of the club, only one is a girl. When I took Computer Science in high school, in a class 30 only four were girls.

These gender ratios replicate themselves throughout the STEM fields and reflect sexism in them. Sexism in these modern industries comes from centuries old creation myths that provide the roots to modern western culture. These myths bring about patriarchy, which becomes self-perpetuating. To end patriarchy, society must consciously confront it.

In “Male…

Aditya Aggarwal

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